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DAS - Microwave - 802.xx - GIS - Network Monitoring

Survey - We perform site surveys, that include structure mapping, coordinates, obstructions and all critical data to ensure the integrity of your design. Our crews are recognized as among the best in the industry.

Design - We base our design on your current requirements with an eye on your future needs and the protection of your initial investment. Today's focus is on DAS & WiMax technologies with LTE in mind.

Project Planning - You will know exactly how and when your network build will start, reach agreed upon milestones and be delivered to you. Our teams have been delivering on time networks for many years!

Procurement - We have established relationships with  an assortment of equipment vendors to make sure you get best-in-class technology in your network. We have done the research so you don't have to!

Install - Our team of engineers is capable of building your network whether it is stand-alone or an expansion of an existing network. Wireless extensions are being added to public sector networks all over the country!

Test - Your network will be put through rigorous trials before it is handed over to you and will be continually tested and updated. Using our top flight monitoring tool we can assess any network, anywhere!

Monitor - We enable you or your MSP to monitor every piece of your network from any web enabled device, anywhere in the world. The tool is easy to install, has a very small footprint and no licensing fees.

Manage - Falcon Peak can assure that your carrier and other vendors are providing the best service they can offer (SLA Assurance). We enable you to hold your service provider accountable for all network issues!



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